Hey friends! I have been so into podcasts lately and could write an entire separate blog post on which ones to listen to. But something someone said on one of them stuck with me…”Do YOU.” I can’t explain how much this resonated with me. Life is too short to say “what if” “what will people think” “will people judge me”… guess what?! WHO CARES! This is something that I have learned over time. People who know your heart will love you for YOU! Don’t sit back and let life pass by without doing YOU, doing what you LOVE, and being who you ARE!

I think for so long I hesitated starting a blog because of what people thought… will people care what I have to say?! But something I love about getting older is you become confident in where you are at and who you are. It is honestly the best.

I enjoy having a place where I can cultivate my creativity, share my passions, and my love for life. So guess what?! I am DOING ME. I can’t wait to bring you tons of content and bring what is in my head to life.

I know we all have that “thing” we have always wanted to do… DO IT! Don’t make excuses, start NOW, start TODAY, and LOVE YOU for YOU.

This tank top couldn’t be more perfect for this post.. Pics from visiting my sister in Gran Canaria, Spain. Tank – Dottie Couture


Mrs Dakota Davis


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