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If you know me well you know I love LOVE. I love being in love, investing in love, watching/hearing love stories, you name it. But it is so easy to get caught up in the fairytales and forget that the grass is greener where you water it. I think every girl wants a love like the Notebook but it is also so important to know that kind of love takes work, hard work. So today since it is Valentines day – the holiday of L-O-V-E I thought I would share a book everyone should read.. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Champman If you’re not in a relationship Gary even has a version for you linked here.  Honestly, I think he has a version for just about everyone!

So many of you are asking what are the 5 love languages and why are they so important?!

Here are the 5 love languages –

  • Words of Affirmation
    • Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise, or appreciation.
  • Acts of Service
    • Actions speak louder than words, and are used to show and receive love.
  • Receiving Gifts
    • Gifting is a symbolic of love and affection.
  • Quality Time
    • This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention.
  • Physical Touch
    • It can be sex or holding hands. With this love language the person feels affection through physical touch.

Most of you reading this can probably relate to a few of these. Typically, we have one or two that are much more important to us than the others, and its different for everyone. Knowing your love language and your partners is so important. Unconsciously the way give love is the way you receive love.

For example, my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch so I catch myself loving on my man by touching him and telling him how sexy he is..all the time lol (when he is probably like – babe leave me alone for like 2 seconds.). His love languages are a little more blurry than mine but he is for sure acts of service! So when I clean the house or go out of my way for him he is like “hot damn babe!” 🙂  I can also tell this by the way he will show me love by cleaning out my car, doing the dishes, filling up my gas tank (he is like a super human). – See there I go again, words of affirmation over here saying how amazing he is.  And even though Acts of Service is not necessarily my love language, I am more aware of his needs, what makes him feel loved, and also notice more the ways he without thinking shows me love. But it is also important he thinks about my love languages which are words of affirmation and physical touch so he will make sure to text me something sweet in the morning or rub my back while we are eating dinner.

It is a game changer!! I encourage you and your partner to take this quiz if you don’t know your love language right away by reading them. I also encourage to start showing your partner love in the way they receive love.

Again, love takes commitment and work! I hope this post helps take your LOVE life to the next level — Notebook status! 😉

Happy Valentines Day!




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  1. Monica Lehman says:

    Ooo I looove this post so much!!! Being intentional is so key an not just think it’ll happen always naturally. Last nite I made dinner for my babes an gave him a card that I made at cvs with s pic of us on the beach an a frame with those pics of us an a Chiropracter gift card😂😍 an he so appreciated me putting time an effort into the card,picture frame an making a pretty dinner!!😍☺️☺️ 🙌🏼 He loves notes an such ☺️ His #1 is acts of service too😊

    • MrsDakotaDavis says:

      I love this! I just gave my sister the daily devolution of The 5 Love Languages – so great to read with your significant other!

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