Amazon Must-Haves

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Ok, I am breaking down some of my favorite & repeat Amazon purchases because let’s be honest..who doesn’t LOVE AMAZON! I have linked them all so just click on the name to take you directly to what I purchased… You’re welcome! 😉

Ice Roller  

Tightens up pores/wrinkles

Minimizes swelling, redness, or irritation

Reduces eye puffiness and inflammation

Boosts lymphatic drainage and rejuvenation

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower is a super food (SO many benefits)

Great on Macros

Lower Cal

BEST tasting cauliflower crust & trust me I have tried others

SweetLeaf Sweet Drops  

Body-friendly sweetener

zero cals

Sweeter than sugar

Reduces your daily intake of sugar

GG Crackers  

Helps maintain your daily fiber intake

Great vehicle for a meal

I make mini pizzas with them, pancakes, dip into guacamole name it!

Affordable Make-up brushes (UNDER 10$ HOLLA)  


I ordered these when I saw another blogger post about them and LOVE them!

Under 10$

Great quality of brushes




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