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Ok, finally I am getting around to making a food diary! I am one of those weirdos that doesn’t like to eat the same thing everyday so I am going to give you options for each meal!


Do I intermittent fast?

* Yes and No. I am not a huge breakfast person so the days I am not hungry in the morning I try to wait until lunch. (Fasting for around 16 hours) Some days after my morning workout I am starving and need something to eat so I break my fast earlier. I try to listen to my body! I think for woman doing anything extreme can really throw off your hormones so be careful and listen to your body!

Do I count calories?

* Yes, sort of. I log my food into MyFitnessPal and try to stay around 1,800 calories. However, some amazing foods(in moderation) like avocados are high in fat and calories. I truly believe it is all about eating the right foods. But if you’re a snacker, like me, sometimes it feels like we are not eating very much but in reality those little snacks add up. Counting calories or really just being aware of the calories you’re consuming is important.

Do I track MACROS?

* Yes! I am not the best and still learning but I really try to stay around 40% of my calories being carbs, 30% fats, and 30% proteins. This is really easy to do in the MyFitnessPal App. See blog post HERE on how to do so.

Ok, onto what I eat!

Morning I start my day with coffee, hazelnut creamer, and yes, I like to add a little Ready Whip to the top. (This is my fav part of the day – yes, I am a morning person.) If I do break my fast I will make a protein shake! Some other things I do on and off is celery juice in the morning or just a green juice, ACV shot, or warm water with lemon! Great way to jump start the day.


Well, this varies every day because sometimes I bring leftovers from dinner, make a salad, or make egg whites and turkey sausage for lunch. Really the important part to think about when tracking MACROS –

Do I have something that incorporates all three (protein, fats, and carbs)? Or if you know you’re going to eat more carbs for dinner, try to stick to fats and proteins for lunch. It is all balance.


Greg and I are no chef’s. We like to keep things easy, simple, and clean. Here are some options and these also are great lunch options for the day after.

Some simple things we eat all the time: grilled chicken, pork chops, steak, turkey burgers, and veggies! (Salad, asparagus, steamed veggies, and sometimes when we need a little somethin’ somethin’ we make the cauliflower tots linked HERE.

Some of our other go-to Recipes:

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet: Recipe here.

Ginger Tzatziki Chicken Wraps: Recipe HERE.

Turkey Spaghetti Noodles: Recipe HERE.

Who else has a sweet tooth?! (My fav meal lol)

I love Halo Top and Breyers Delights ice cream! Low cal and delish! My fav flavors are cookie dough from Halo Top and Cookies and Cream from Breyers Delights.

Another go-to – dark chocolate and a little peanut butter.

I also love to make a healthier Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread – Recipe Here.

I hope this helps! Please comment what else you would like to know/see!




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