First Trimester Update

First trimester gets a bad wrap but I also think there is something so beautiful about it. It is those first moments of realizing you’re pregnant and peeing on what feels like a million pregnancy tests to confirm. It is also those moments that no one else besides you and your partner know this special little secret that you get to hold so close to your heart. I have realized throughout this process that having faith while being pregnant is truly what helps you get through each week. You can’t see into your belly to know exactly what is going on at every moment so you have to trust God and his beautiful plan for you and the baby. Then skip forward to the first ultrasound and there is nothing more special than hearing your babies heart beat for the first time. Truly two hearts beating as one! Such a blessing!

Now on to what I am sure you’re all very curious about..

1. How did I feel?
2. What could I NOT eat?
3. Did I still workout?

How did I feel?

When I hear other peoples stories I honestly feel very lucky to have not felt that bad. My first sign that I could be pregnant were my WOW! These babies have a mind of their own these days! They hurt like you know what during the first 12 weeks and continue to grow….and grow….and grow. Other signs I had were fatigue and exhaustion. My lower back really hurt and I remember being in meetings and thinking I would pay someone if I could go home and take a nap…It is a real thing. It also doesn’t help that I gave up all caffeine. This was more of a personal choice because I know some people drink a cup of coffee but I chose to not drink anything. Flash forward to around 6 weeks and even the smell of decaf coffee made me want to gag. lol I also had a little nausea that kicked in around 7 weeks where I would feel nauseous in the morning if I didn’t eat anything and then nauseas at night with sometimes a hormone headache. But I was never that sick where I vomited or even dry-heaved. Honestly, as crapy as I felt at times I really didn’t mind because the symptoms gave me reassurance so I was happy to have them! Always trying to find the positives! 🙂

What could I not eat?

Oh gosh! The first few weeks I could eat like normal and then around 6 weeks the food aversions really set in. For someone like me who is so used to eating relatively healthy the first trimester is quite humorous…because NOTHING sounds good besides simple carbs! I would say this was like 6-10 weeks where nothing sounded good. I still forced myself at times to eat healthier options but it was not easy. Some not so healthy things I ate included bagels, mac and cheese, Pizza Hut breadsticks, and cereal. I definitely had my “moments” – But I let myself eat those things because that was better than eating nothing at all. I think it is important to give yourself grace during this time. Now I am back to eating normal besides having to make sure I eat but don’t eat too much..because that is when I do not feel good after eating. Crazy the things you learn about your body but it is so cool what the human body can do!

Did I still workout?

Yes! I couldn’t imagine not working out! I contribute feeling pretty good to working out! There were definitely mornings and evenings where I was tired and didn’t feel good but doing something was better than nothing. I am thankful that this is something my husband and I do together because it held me accountable. I didn’t just sit back and milk the symptoms..even when sometimes thats all I wanted to do! lol If you knew me before I was pregnant I worked out 6 days a week. When I got pregnant I asked my doctor and she said you can do what you did before just be sure to listen to your body and never exert yourself where you couldn’t hold a conversation while you worked out. Please ask your doctor because I know if this wasn’t your routine before pregnancy you shouldn’t start working out like crazy! Do what works for you and always listen to your body!

My new routine – I still do a few 2-a-day workouts but I only do cardio once a day! During the first trimester some of my cardio sessions were just walking because that is all I could do. Some days were better than others but don’t beat yourself up over it. And again, I only was able to continue this workout schedule because I was doing it prior to being pregnant.

Monday – PM Workout (Cardio & Lift weights)
Tuesday – AM workout (30 min cardio) PM workout (Weights)
Wednesday – AM workout (30 min cardio) PM workout (Weights)
Thursday – AM workout (30 min cardio) PM workout (Weights)
Friday – AM workout (30 min cardio) PM workout (Weights)
Saturday – Whatever I feel like doing 🙂 I have recently started doing Pure Barre classes which I have really enjoyed!
Sunday – Rest

I hope you all enjoyed my first trimester recap! Again, thank you all for your love and prayers! I also wanted to include my Prenatal and DHA vitamins that I have loved!!


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  1. Courtney says:

    Love! So gladly I can share your journey now!

  2. Courtney says:


    So glad YOU can share your journey now!

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