2nd Trimester Pregnancy Update

Hi Blog Fam,

I see mixed reviews on which week is officially the “third trimester” but I am sticking with 28 weeks! So cheers to my last few days in the honeymoon pregnancy stage! I can’t get over how fast time is going! I am enjoying every second of growing our sweet baby girl and so excited to meet her in a few short months! This trimester was the first time I felt her flutters, that progressed to kicks, that progressed to feeling all her movements. Feeling her move is so so special and something I hope to remember forever and ever.

For my 2nd trimester update I wanted to talk about something that has been on my heart…fitness and weight gain during pregnancy. To all my pregnant mamas out there I know this is something a lot of people struggle with..seeing the scale go up and seeing your body change. I will be honest I haven’t minded my body changing but seeing the number on the scale initially was a little defeating when comparing to others. I have been very proud of myself and my body to continue to workout and eat healthy through this pregnancy. It truly amazes me what our bodies can do! Ladies, let’s not get caught up on the scale or comparing ourselves to others, instead let’s be the healthiest we can be and let our bodies do what they were made to do! I feel strong and feel so blessed to carry our sweet baby. The pounds no longer bother me because I know I will be healthy and ready to take care of our baby girl! Remember everybody is so different and you cannot compare one pregnancy with the next. Let’s just all try to be the best we can be! I was so inspired by Katrina from Tone it Up so I wanted to share! I have loved following her and think she is an inspiration to all mamas and future mamas out there! Let’s keep the #TIULOVEYOURBODY movement going!








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  1. Cate says:

    Love this post! Look at that hot bod!!!!! Who’s that sexy momma!!!!! Duh you! <3

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