What is my workout Routine?

Just to note before I start, I love to workout! I don’t do it for weight loss (especially now being pregnant) but more for the way it makes me feel. Since being pregnant, I love working out to be a strong and healthy mama for baby girl. I also love the energy I get from cardio in the mornings. Do not feel like you need to workout this much to see results. It is all about the balance of getting a sweat in + what you eat. I can always tell when I am eating healthy vs. making bad choices. You can see my Food Diary post here.

Have I changed my workout routine since being pregnant?

* The answer is no, this is the same workout schedule I did when I was not pregnant. However, I have modified my cardio and have listened to my body since day 1. (So important to not overdue it – everyone is so different) In the beginning of my pregnancy when I was lacking energy I would just walk on the treadmill. (That is ok!) I have also opted out of running every day and have switched it for intervals, stair master, elliptical or walking. Shoutout to my 100 CLUB stair master champs! I also don’t do any heavy lifting and instead use lighter weights during my reps.

AM – Let myself sleep in and recover from the weekend
PM – 30 Min Cardio (Run, Elliptical, HIIT, Stairs, Walking, Intervals)
30 Min Lifting – Exercising Specific Muscle Group – I do Lauren Gleisberg’s weight training plan 2.0 and love it! She has a ton of workout plans but this one is my favorite. I have it downloaded to my phone and it tells me what to lift each day.


AM – 5:30AM 30 Min Cardio
PM – 20 Min Cardio
30 Min Lifting


AM – 5:30AM 30 Min Cardio
PM – 20 Min Cardio
30 Min Lifting


AM – 5:30AM 30 Min Cardio
PM – 20 Min Cardio
30 Min Lifting


AM – 5:30AM Cardio or Lift
PM – Take the night off (TGIF!!)


Fun workout – Whatever I am feeling!



I have included one weekly sample of Lauren’s workouts! This is an 8 week program with different workouts each week! (Linked HERE)

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