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Hey hey,

I have recently purchased a lot of random things.. (I blame it on pregnancy “sleep shopping” – This is REAL folks!) But I thought I would share what I have purchased and love! Not to mention, these items don’t break the bank! Click the picture to shop!


Drug Store Concealer for the WIN!


High Protein & Low Sugar protein bars! Plus they taste AMAZING! These are great for breakfast on the go and help me hit my protein goals!


This mask does wonders and will last you forever! Plus you can also scare your significant other when you wear it! LOL


Love this tea because it is safe to drink while pregnant and gives you your daily magnesium! (Also, TMI – helps bowel movements – heck yeah!)


This stuff just rocks! Perfect for summer when you want a little face coverage at the pool or beach!


OK, I know everyone is posting about this stuff but it is amazing! I was so sick of getting a spray tan that never lasts and this stuff makes it so easy to keep a tan! I just mix it with my lotion at night and BOOM – TAN!


Another great option!!! Seriously love these products!


Who wants to spend a lot of money on face setting powder?! Not me! So I had to try this and seriously it works and is huge so will last for a long time!


My everyday go-to lip color!! So cheap and seriously my fav!!


Ok, this bralette made my prego dreams come true! I need support (hello big boobs) and comfort and this bra does both! (Plus under 10 dollars – HOLLA)


Happy Shopping!!






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