Babymoon & Maternity photos + 3rd trimester update!

Hey all,

Ok, I know I have been positive about all the trimesters but I have to say the third trimeter has been my favorite! Everyone says the 2nd trimester is the honeymoon trimester but I have to disagree! I think the third trimester is the BEST for many reasons! Here are some to name a few:

  • We are that much closer to meeting baby girl! Ahhh! We did the 3D ultrasound with our families at 31 weeks and it was so is like a window getting a sneak peek at your little one! She is absolutely perfect!
  • The movements! I love feeling her big movements to certain songs, food, time of day…you name it! It is the coolest thing to feel! Such a special bonding moment between her and me! (And daddy when he gets to feel a kick 🙂 )  I also love my big bump! You can’t miss her now!
  • Baby Girls Shower – I know I already shared about her shower but it was the best time celebrating our biggest miracle!
  • BabyMoon – I know us “Millennial’s” create silly reasons to travel but I have to say I am proud and stand behind whoever created babymoons! This was such a wonderful weekend to connect with my hubby and soak in time together before baby gets here. We went to Palm Springs and did a babymoon photo shoot, ate lots of yummy food, and relaxed by the pool. It was perfect! For all the mamas out there don’t forget where it all started! You and your hubby!
  • Maternity Photo Shoot – I know every mama feels different about their growing body during pregnancy but it is something to be so proud of! Someday you will want to look back and remember what it was like and show your little one. I will cherish these photos Micala at 604 Studios took forever and ever.
  • Nursery & Nesting – We have finally finished and organized baby girls nursery and I couldn’t be more in love! Now we just need to figure out how to use all her gadgets we got at her shower! I also have organized just about everything else in our house…NESTING IS REAL! lol
  • Lamaze Class – As first time parents we want to be as prepared as we can be! We chose a one day class and it was so fun learning all about child birth together! My husband is definitely a trooper and I know he will be the best support partner the day of and every day after! #BLESSED

Those are some of my favorite things to just name a few! The only thing that has started to get difficult are certain movements due to my pubic bone feeling bruised because of all the pressure. But overall I feel great and enjoying these last few weeks growing her in my belly!

Cravings: Gummy Bears & Vitamin Water

Here are some of our pictures from our babymoon & my maternity shoot! Again, thank you all for your love, support, and prayers! Xo


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