Breastfeeding roundup

Hey blog fam,

Sorry I have been MIA – I have been soaking up every minute of mommy hood with my Scottie girl. I shared a picture of me nursing her and got lots of questions so I thought I would do a roundup of my top breastfeeding must haves.

  • Bravado nursing tank & Nursing Bras – I have lived in these tank tops and bras since having Scottie. They are so comfortable, hold everything in, and make nursing super convenient.
  • Haakaa – I can’t say enough amazing things about this silly thing. I have been able to store so much milk from just the Haakaa alone. I use the Haakaa for letdown that would be lost in a breast pad as I breastfeed on the other breast.
  • 5 in 1 Nursing Cover by Copper Pearl – We use our covers every single day. We use it to cover the carseat at the gym, store, or anytime outside to block the sun. I also use it to nurse in public. If you’re like me you don’t want to nurse in a bathroom or miss out on the fun when you’re with groups of people or out and this cover easily slips over yourself so you can nurse anywhere and everywhere! There are also so many more uses but this is what I have used it most for thus far! And there are so many cute colors and patterns.
  • New Chapter Prenatal Vitamins – I have sworn by these vitamins during pregnancy and now! They have never made me feel sick and you can take them on an empty stomach.
  • Duct, Duct, Loose Organic Sunflower Lecithin – After getting the dreadful mastitis I had to take action because I NEVER wanted to get that again. I was told to get these vitamins and they have worked wonders! Do yourself a favor and start taking ASAP while nursing! Mastitis is the WORST!
  • Hydro Flask Water bottle – One of the most important things while nursing is water intake! It can be so hard with a new baby to find time to eat, drink water, do anything besides take care of your sweet baby so I found I have to have a water bottle near me at all times.
  • Kiinde Twist Bags – I find pumping so annoying so when I do it I want it to be as easy as possible! I have loved these Kiinde twist bags because they attach directly to the pump (AKA no transfer.) I will admit I haven’t really used them as a bottle because Scottie likes the Dr. Brown bottles but the bags are amazing and super easy to pump and store. (They also hook to many pump brands!)

I hope this helps! Comment what else you would like to know!



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