Baby list – First 3 Months

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share an honest (not sponsored) baby must have list for the first three months! I am only going to list my TOP FAVS because I know it can be overwhelming. Some things I have already linked and explained in my nursing round up – you can reference that post here!

* Snuggle Me Organic – If you have seen my stories you have probably seen Scottie sleeping in her snuggle me organic! WE LOVE it! It hugs her in tight at night and makes her feel comforted.

* Bottom Zip Jammies – There are so many out there but these are a necessity when doing nighttime diaper changes! I linked a few above!

* Footie and Mitten outfits – During those first few weeks when you are too scared to trim their nails Scottie lived in these! You want them to be comfortable and don’t want them to scratch their perfect faces.

* Baby susher – I thought this was silly at first but we use it every single night. Funny story – We actually turn it back on when Greg and I come to bed because it puts us to sleep as well! #WINWIN LOL

* Ollie swaddle – We tried many swaddles and these are THE BEST! Scottie has slept through the night and I owe it to these amazing swaddles! They are on the pricey side but you only have to buy one because they grow with your baby!

* Owlet smart sock – Us mommas need sleep too and this sock gave me peace of mind and the ability to sleep. If I didn’t have this sock I am sure I would have just stared at Scottie all night..oh wait I still kind of do! #CRAZYMOM

* OogieBear – I hate when Scottie has boogers because their nasal passage is so small and this tool is THE BEST to quickly get them out!

* Bibs pacifiers – Cute and a great soother – Buy NOW! These pacifiers are the best and come in so many cute colors. Scottie LOVES them!

* Copper Pearl bibs – Scottie as most babies do – spits up all the time and so I needed some cute/comfortable bibs and we have loved the Copper Pearl Bibs!

* A bouncer – Scottie Naps in her bouncer and loves to play in her bouncer! I think there are many out there that would do the trick and honestly probably better than hers but I linked the one we have!

* Peg Perego highchair – I did lots of research and SO HAPPY we went with the Peg Perego Highchair! You can start using it when they are infants and it leans back and rolls. Scottie naps in hers, plays in hers, and sits by us while we eat dinner! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It also comes in many cute colors to fit the aesthetic of your house.

Scottie’s Fav Toys right now:

I hope this helps!!

Being a momma is THE BEST!!



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