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Hey friends,

I am no pro at dating post baby but wanted to share some fun ways to spice it up without getting a babysitter! I currently hate to leave her (I will get there lol)..#FIRSTTIMEMOM So we have learned to #DATEWITHBABES.

Couple of fun tips:

– Day dates: Go get lunch, drinks, or walk during the day when babes is happy or during her nap time. This is a perfect way to get some quality time in with each other while babes naps! Another tip – Get a sound machine for naps on the go! Linked below!

– Activity dates: This summer we traveled a ton to Michigan where my parents live and took Scottie to the pool, beach, breweries, you name it! I think the key here is pack enough stuff to make your life easier. It may take more pre-work but if babes is happy..You’re happy! This is a great way to get some family time in and again when babes naps = quality time with your spouse doing things you love together!

– Friday night House Date – After babes goes to sleep at 7:30PM = Date night! This requires no babysitter and it is a great way to connect after a long week. Lately, since it has cooled down a bit we have started the fire out back, had an adult beverage ;), and just talked. I cherish our time together so much..even if we just talk about babes! LOL

Remember you will never have to work at loving your sweet new bundle of joy but you do have to work at maintaining your relationship! I hope these tips are helpful! Also, nothing wrong with getting a babysitter and totally connecting! I just know that it can be tough in the beginning and wanted to share my experiences!

Now is it Friday yet..;)




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